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Unlock endless possibilites with your app.

  • Adjust the language to Icelandic, English or Polish

  • Transfer money and pay bills

  • View electronic documents

  • Apply for an overdraft. Increase or decrease your overdraft

  • Apply for a credit card

  • Activate offers in Fríða

  • Apply for a loan

  • Set a limit and top up your credit card

  • Freeze your card and access your PIN number

  • Pay as you go using your mobile

  • Split your costs

  • Apply for a savings account

  • View securities statement

  • View your Icelandair Saga points

  • Set up savings and a debit account

  • Track your Carbon Footprint

  • Buy and sell stocks

  • Loan payments

  • Create a debit card, renew and close debit cards

  • Automate the process of paying unpaid invoices.

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