Making a payment on your loan

You can use the online bank to make an extra payment on your loan. You can pay a specific amount or pay off the loan entirely.

  1. Open your access to the online bank
  2. Click on overview > Loan- and find the loan you want to make a payment on
  3. Click on the menu to the far right of the screen next to the loan in question (three lines) and you will be given three options. Choose "make a payment"
  4. Choose "payment on loan" and type in the amount you wish to pay
  5. Choose the account you wish to use to make the payment
  6. Click on next
  7. Type in your password and click on pay

More information

  • You can make a payment on your loan or pay the whole amount
  • The minimum payment is ISK 1000
  • Please note that the system can take some time to update the status of your loan after your payment has been made. Some updates take one banking day to go through, whereas others take 24 hrs
  • An overpayment fee may be charged in some cases
  • The overpayment fee is often included in the total amount if you are paying the entire loan

Please contact us via the online chat if you have any more questions