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Investor Relations is committed to providing timely and relevant information about Íslandsbanki to all investors, analysts and other stakeholders.

Financials and targets


Financial reports and disclosures.

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    Financial targets

    The Bank has its financial targets as a guiding light.

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      Presentations from conferences, seminars and webcasts.

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        Key ratios

        First quarter 2024, see more in factsheet (pdf)

        Return on equity
        ISK 5.4bn
        Profit after tax
        Cost-to-income ratio
        ISK 1,644bn
        Total assets
        ISK 1,248bn
        Loans to customers
        Customer loans to customer deposits ratio
        Total liquidity coverage ratio
        Leverage ratio
        CET 1 capital ratio

        Upcoming events

        Íslandsbanki plans to publish its interim and annual financial statements according to the following dates:

        • 25 July 2024 - Interim financial results 2Q24
        • 23 October 2024 - Interim financial results 3Q24

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        Equity Investors


        Equity analysts covering Íslandsbanki and consensus estimates

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          Shareholder meetings

          Information on Íslandsbanki’s Annual General Meetings and Shareholder meetings.

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            Major shareholder announcements

            Obligation to notify major shareholdings and proportions of voting rights.

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              Íslandsbanki’s share price development

              Share offering of Íslandsbanki hf.

              Íslandsbanki was listed to the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange on 22 June 2021. Here you can find information about the process and the prospectus.

              Debt Investors


              The Bank is predominantly funded by deposits but it has a widely diversified investor base in the capital markets.

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                Íslandsbanki has credit ratings from Moody´s Investor Service and S&P Global Ratings.

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                  About the Bank

                  The Bank believes in moving Iceland forward by empowering its customers to succeed - reflecting a commitment to run a solid business that is a force for good in society.


                  We want to be a role model for the Icelandic economy and take an active part in society. We want our products to reflect rising customer demand for sustainable operations and development and empower our customers to succeed.

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                  Bjarney Anna Bjarnadóttir

                  Investor Relations

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