About the Bank

With a history that dates from 1875, Íslandsbanki is an Icelandic universal bank with a strong customer focus. The Bank believes in moving Iceland forward by empowering its customers to succeed - reflecting a commitment to run a solid business that is a force for good in society. Driven by the ambition to be #1 for service, Íslandsbanki’s banking model is led by three business divisions that build and manage relationships with its customers.

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Cor­por­ate & Organ­isa­tional Struc­ture

Íslandsbanki maintains a strong market share with the most efficient branch network in the country, supporting at the same time its customers’ move to more digital services. The Bank operates in a highly attractive market and, with its technically strong foundations and robust balance sheet, is well positioned for the opportunities that lie ahead. Íslandsbanki has a BBB/A-2 rating from S&P Global Ratings.

Board of Dir­ect­ors

The Board of Directors (the Board) comprises seven non-executive directors, and two alternates, all of whom are elected at each AGM for a term of one year.

The Board is the supreme authority over the Bank’s affairs subject to shareholders’ meetings, unless otherwise provided for by law or in the Articles of Association.

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    CEO and the Exec­ut­ive Com­mit­tee

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Bank pursuant to set policies and resolutions of the Board. The CEO must also ensure that the Bank’s operations are in compliance with the applicable laws and the Bank’s Articles of Association at all times. 

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      Investor Rela­tions

      Investor Relations is committed to providing timely and relevant information about Íslandsbanki to all investors, analysts and other stakeholders. Our goal is to establish and maintain a good relationship with our stakeholders in an open and transparent manner.


      Íslandsbanki Research offers interesting in depth analysis on economic and financial issues. Here you can access all our content, forecasts, analysis, reports and more.

      A force for good

      We want to contribute to bringing meaningful changes to society and the economy.

      Digital Solu­tions

      The future of banking is to be where it suits you. You can use our digital solutions to manage your money wherever and whenever you like.

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        We want to be a role model for the Icelandic economy and take an active part in society. We want our products to reflect rising customer demand for sustainable operations and development. We always want to be where you are.

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          Life at Íslandsbanki

          Our team is fundamental to our success. We believe in ethical leadership and creating an inclusive and inspiring work environment where our employees can thrive.

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            Corporate governance

            In order to promote transparency and sound corporate governance we have a general ownership policy and a policy on the sale of the Bank´s assets.

            Corporate & Organisational Structure

            Strategy and policies

            Corporate Governance

              Media Centre

              In addition to news of the Bank's operations, you can find a good selection of reports and analysis regarding the economy and finances of households and industry.

              Pub­lished mater­ial

              Here you can access reports and other published material regarding household finance, the economy among other topics.


              Our story

              Íslandsbanki has deep roots in Iceland's economic history.