Strategy and policies

Íslandsbanki has adopted policies, rules and procedures to promote good corporate governance and to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations applicable to the Bank's operations. In order to promote transparency and sound corporate governance we have a general ownership policy and a policy on the sale of the Bank´s assets.

Strategy and Policy

Íslandsbanki´s strategy

Annual Strategy Summits involving Board members, employees and customers have played a key role in defining particular aspects of the Bank’s strategy, including role, values, and vision. The objective of the Bank´s strategy is to create and deliver long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders. 

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Sustainability Policy

Íslandsbanki is one of Iceland's leading companies. As a large workplace with a very broad client base, the Bank has made it a priority to maintain a good relationship with its immediate environment and customers.

Íslandsbanki’s Sustainability Policy aims at making the Bank a model of exemplary operations in the Icelandic business community and a catalyst for positive social action, moving Iceland forward by empowering its customers to succeed.

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Human Resource Strategy

Íslandsbanki offers its employees good working conditions and enticing opportunities in a variety of ways. The objective of Íslandsbanki is to recruit, strengthen and retain skilled and reliable staff.

Íslandsbanki endeavours to create a secure working environment which places an emphasis on non-discrimination, clear vision, transparent working methods and the active participation of its employees in, among other things, the strategy building process of the bank.

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Code of Conduct

Íslandsbanki employees are invested in their customers’ success. They work together as partners to find solutions for their customers, with professionalism as a guiding principle.

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General ownership policy

Íslandsbanki's Board has approved the bank's general ownership policy. 
The aim of the policy is to outline the bank's values and guidelines on corporate governance on a Group basis. The measures are designed to support investment transparency and effective corporate governance.

The policy covers all the bank's subsidiaries.