Human Resources Strategy

Our goal is to recruit, empower and retain qualified and reliable employees who are passionate, demonstrate teamwork and professionalism.

We aspire to have a group of ambitious employees with different backgrounds and experience. In this way the bank will be better prepared to meet the various needs of its customers and provide outstanding service.

Íslandsbanki emphasizes on the qualifications of its employees by investing in their education and training. Education and training is a joint project for both employees and management and is based on regular and constructive feedback on performance. One of Íslandsbanki's goal is that everyone's strengths can be utilized at work.

We care about the well being of our employees and support health in various ways. We try to ensure equal opportunities through our non-discrimination policy where bullying and sexual harassment is not tolerated.

Our human resource strategy is built on open, candid, and constructive communications founded on mutual respect. The bank emphasizes that all employees promote a good work ethic, make an effort to strengthen the team and support each other.

Here you can see the Íslandsbanki Human resource policy