An outstanding work environment

The banking world is dynamic, complex and ever-evolving, and we know that our team can only thrive in a healthy working environment where they can maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives.

A committed and ambitious team 

Our enthusiasm and professionalism are what set us apart from our competitors. These values allow every member of our team to influence our policy and future vision.

Above all, we want to inspire success by creating a stimulating, fun workplace with a strong work ethic. We want to support our team in handling challenging tasks, help their professional development, and offer them the flexibility they need to take care of their family and other interests.

Job satisfaction and work environment

A happy and enthusiastic team is integral to our success. That's why we work hard to create an environment focused on wellness and communication, where employees feel invested in the business's success. Education, equal opportunities for professional development and social activities are key factors in achieving these objectives.

We believe in fostering a workplace that is dynamic, productive, and free from bullying and discrimination, where employees are rewarded for entrepreneurial skills, perceptiveness and foresight.

We carry out a workplace analysis every year to allow employees to give us feedback on their supervisors and the workplace environment. The results have shown that Íslandsbanki is a positive work environment.

Health and welfare

We want our team to be healthy and happy. Our canteen serves fresh, healthy food every day, encouraging employees to keep sugar to a minimum. We also offer health check-ups, doctor visits and flu shots in the autumn.

We have also worked with the concept of Energy Management. We offer courses to train our team to manage their physical, emotional and mental energy. Energy management boosts productivity and supports a better work-life balance.

We regularly launch health drives such as cycling to work, the Life run and the Reykjavík Marathon, encouraging each other to participate in and support good causes.

A great social life

Íslandsbanki is a vibrant, creative and fun workplace because our team infuses energy, passion and enthusiasm into everything they do.

Social activities are supported by the bank and the employees' association to create closer connections among employees. We hold an annual ball and do everything we can to support a dynamic and lively environment.

Employee interests have also been a rich source of our social activities. We have formed numerous groups and clubs, such as walking and golf club, which are entirely established and run by our employees.

The employee association manages family entertainment by organizing events. For example we hold a special family day every year to create memories and build relationships. Have a Christmas ball for the children, Christmas bingo and numerous other events.

Workplace education and training

We don't just hire talent, we build it. Developing and evolving our workforce means working smarter, not harder. Equipping our team with knowledge and skills is crucial to understanding emerging customer needs. We offer over 300 courses and educational meetings each year. Most of these are run by our various in-house experts who share their knowledge, ensuring that we move forward as a team.

We offer a diverse range of options. Employees are obliged to attend specific work-related courses, e.g., courses on compliance or leadership courses for executives. Still, we also provide personal empowerment courses to help employees fulfil their potential, e.g., courses in project management, time management or computer skills.

We support all levels of management by providing systematic leadership training to foster strong interpersonal and leadership skills based on Íslandsbanki's key managerial competencies.


Íslandsbanki believes that strength comes with equality. Our hiring decisions are based on knowledge and talent, regardless of gender. We create balance by maintaining an equal gender ratio wherever possible across the entire organisation. Our management team is gender balanced.

Everyone has access to vocational training, retraining and courses designed to improve skills or support internal mobility. All employees have the right to be treated with respect and protected from bullying, gender-based or sexual harassment.


We want our employees to thrive at work and home. Promoting a work culture where employees can achieve this balance is a powerful recruiting and retention tool. We offer flexible working hours, part-time positions, and other options wherever possible. Every effort is made to minimise overtime and ensure that events and courses are held during regular working hours. Those returning from maternity leave are offered flexible work arrangements during their child's first year.

Equal pay certification

Íslandsbanki is certified according to the Equal Wage Standard ÍST85: 2012. The standard is a tool to establish, implement and maintain an equal wage policy. Íslandsbanki's equal pay system ensures that wage decisions are based on objective, informed decisions that prevent gender discrimination. Certification is a natural continuation of work already carried out within the bank in recent years.