At Íslandsbanki, we are fully committed to gender equality and believe in harnessing the strengths of all our employees, irrespective of gender.

Our values ​​of equality


At Íslandsbanki, we are fully committed to gender equality and believe in harnessing the strengths of all our employees, irrespective of gender. We are dedicated to ensuring equal treatment of our employees and preventing discrimination within the bank based on race, ethnic origin, religion, outlook on life, disability, reduced work capacity, age, sexuality, gender identity, gender characteristics, or gender expression. Furthermore, we strive to prevent discrimination and maintain equal treatment of individuals in the labour market. To achieve this, we have a dedicated group focusing on equality and diversity within the Bank. They aim to provide guidance and support on these issues and to have a positive impact. We strongly believe every employee deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, free of bullying, gender-based harassment, and sexual violence, regardless of gender.


To promote fairness, all job postings are gender-neutral. If there are multiple candidates with equal qualifications, we aim to hire the gender that is appropriate for the department. We also consider the Bank's values and the current composition of our departments when hiring. We aim to achieve an equal gender ratio in all areas, including committees, councils, boards, and management positions. Currently, the ratio of male to female managers is equal.


All employees, regardless of gender, are encouraged to pursue additional knowledge through vocational training, retraining, and skill-improvement courses. Internal mobility is also supported. Moreover, all employees have the right to be respected and protected from bullying, gender-based or sexual harassment.


We prioritise the well-being of our employees both in and outside of work. Creating a work environment that fosters this balance helps us attract and keep talented individuals and makes for happier and more productive employees. We provide flexible working hours, including part-time positions, whenever feasible and strive to minimise overtime. Additionally, we schedule events and courses during regular working hours. We offer flexible work arrangements for new parents returning from maternity leave during their child's first year.

Equal pay policy

One of the key factors in recruiting and retaining good employees  is to offer competitive benefits. When deciding on remuneration, success, responsibility, workload, performance and market conditions are taken into account, all within the framework of a collective agreement.

The aim of the equal pay policy is for Íslandsbanki to ensure that full equality between the sexes is observed when making pay decisions. Íslandsbanki's equal pay policy is intended to guarantee the rights that employees must be paid equal wages and must enjoy the same pay for the same or equally valuable work, regardless of gender. Equal pay means that pay must be determined in the same way for everyone, regardless of gender. In order to enforce the policy, Íslandsbanki complies with the Equal Pay Standard on equal pay systems. The equal pay system covers all employees of Íslandsbanki.

According to the provisions of the law on equal status and equal rights for all genders, Íslandsbanki must establish an equality plan that states how the goals of the law will be achieved in order to guarantee employees the rights stipulated in the law.

Íslandsbanki's equality plan
Íslandsbanki is certified according to the Equal Wage Standard ÍST85: 2012. The standard is a tool to establish, implement and maintain an equal wage policy. Íslandsbanki's equal pay system ensures that wage decisions are based on objective, informed decisions that prevent gender discrimination. Certification is a natural continuation of work already carried out within the bank in recent years, for which we received the Equality Promotion Award 2016 and the PwC Gold Medal 2015.