Digital solutions

You can manage your money wherever you are.

Digital solutions

You can use our digital solutions to manage your money wherever and whenever you like.

The Íslandsbanki app

You can handle all major banking transactions anywhere and anytime.

Bank­ing app individuals

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Online banking

Íslandsbanki Online Banking is essentially our biggest branch. You can manage your money online whenever and wherever you like.

Identification and security

You can use your digital ID on your mobile phone to access the Íslandsbanki Online Banking app. You can even use your digital ID to sign various documents online.

You can also access your Íslandsbanki Online Banking app by requesting an ID number which is then sent to you via SMS.

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Open API

Web services

The future of banking is to be where it suits you. If you want to be involved in building financial technology solutions based on an open banking system, then you are in the right place.