Contactless payment

You can add you cards to your phone or watch and tap and pay. There is no payment limit.

Pay with you phone or watch

If you have a smartphone or a smartwatch you can add your cards to the device and make easy contactless payments.

Google Payᵀᴹ

Add your Íslandsbanki cards to Google Wallet and pay with your phone, watch or tablet. There is no payment limit

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    Apple Payᵀᴹ

    Add your Íslandsbanki cards to Apple Pay and pay with your phone, watch or tablet. There is no payment limit

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      Add your Íslandsbanki cards to Apple, Fitbit, Garmin or Wear OS smartwatch. There is no payment limit

        Paying with a contactless card

        • Total amount of ISK 7,500 each time
        • Total amount of ISK 15,000 between PIN-based transactions
        • If you reach your limit, then you can recommence contactless payments by confirming your pin number

        Google wallet for Android users

        Android smart device users have until now activated their cards for contactless payments and paid using the Android Íslandsbanki app.

        We are in the process of adding Google Wallet to our digital solutions. The Íslandsbanki app will still offer the same functionality (in the same way as Apple Pay), where you can activate the card through the Íslandsbanki app, but until then, customers can connect their cards directly through Google Wallet.

        Smart device security

        Payments with a phone, watch or other smart device are always linked to your card. All Íslandsbanki cards are issued in cooperation with Mastercard. Contactless payments with smart devices are also developed in collaboration with Mastercard and follow strict security measures required by the company.

        A security token is created and used by the smart device once a card is activated for contactless payments. The actual card number is not used for payment, which increases security.

        You must use the appropriate security settings to unlock your phone, e.g., PIN number or fingerprint if you want to use your phone as a payment method. The same applies to other payment devices such as Garmin and Fitbit where you must adhere to the security measures required for authentication and payment confirmation.

        Access to your smart device now means access to your card, so please ensure that you keep it safe and secure from others.