Debit cards

A debit card is a secure and easy way to pay and provides instant access to your current account and cash.

All debit cards are registered in Íslandsbanki's benefit system, Fríða.

Your debit card can be used directly or via a smart device, wherever you are.

More about our debit cards

  • Debit cards are available for anyone 9 years and older

  • All our debit cards have contactless payment technology

  • Your debit card connects you to Fríða, where you will find customized refund offers

  • You can use the debit card to purchase locally or online

  • You can apply for a new card with an electronic ID

  • You can activate the debit card in the card app, where you can access all cards and card features.

Activate the debit card

You can activate your new card using the card app. The first time you use the chip and PIN number you accept the cards terms and conditions.

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    Get your pin

    Anyone can forget their pin number, but fortunately it can be easily accessed in the app or the online bank.

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      Young people aged 9-11 years

      Young people aged 9-11 years can open an account and apply for a debit card at one of our branches. A parent or guardian must accompany them to sign the application.

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        Young people aged 12 years and over

        Young people aged 12 years and over can open an account and apply for a debit card using their electronic ID.

          Apply for a debit card
          Annual fee for older than 18 years
          ISK 990
          Annual fee for 18 years and younger
          ISK 0
          Total amount of contactless payment on card
          ISK 7,500
          Contactless payment on smart phone and watches
          No limit


          When you pay for the things you need, we pay you some of it back. You can use the Fríða app to choose a special offer and then pay with your debit card. The rebate will be paid back into your account on the 18th of every month.

          Credit limit

          Domestic ATM authorisation: 150,000 kr per day

          International ATM authorisation: ISK 150,000 kr per day

          Íslandsbanki ATM locations