Íslandsbanki's customers receive a customized refund offer from the Fríða benefit system. Fríða is accessible in the Íslandsbanki app.

All of Íslandsbanki's individual cards are active in Fríða. You collect refunds by activating offers and paying with the card.

Next steps

Apply for either a debit or credit card to collect rebate with Fríða

How does Fríða work?

  • To take advantage of the discount, you need to select Fríða and mark the offers before you pay for the product with your debit or credit card.

  • If you want a specialized offers, you have to select it specifically under the settings in Fríða.

  • You use a card from us at the places that offer you offers and do not have to show anything, the discount is calculated automatically.

  • In order to receive a refund, you need to have defined a so-called refund account, which is done in the app under settings.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have our app?

You can find Fríða in our Íslandsbanki app

Before you can take advantage of an offer from Fríða, you must have activated the offer and defined the account that will collect refunds. You do this directly through the Íslandsbanki app.

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