When you pay for the things you need, we pay you some of it back. You can use the Fríða app to choose a special offer and then pay with your debit card. The rebate will be paid back into your account on the 18th of every month. Use the Íslandsbanki app to take advantage of everything Fríða has to offer.

Next steps

Apply for either a debit or credit card to collect rebate with Fríða

How does Fríða work?

  • You use the Íslandsbanki app to find offers

  • You pay for the item or service with your Íslandsbanki debit or credit card

  • Your total rebate is paid into your account on the 18th of every month

  • All personal cards can be used

Do you have our app?

You can find Fríða in our Íslandsbanki app

You need to enable the rebate you have chosen and give details of your account, before you pay with your card. The easiest way to do this is to use the Íslandsbanki app.

Get the app for iOS or Android