Passenger can apply for refund

Passengers who booked tickets using their Íslandsbanki debit or credit card and have yet to travel can apply for a refund by following the instructions below:

  • Please save this form to your computer and then fill out your details. Save the form again and send it to us through this form. You can also visit one of our branches and ask a customer service advisor to help you.
  • Please send any documentation related to the refund as an attachment. This includes a copy of your booking (booking reference) and details of your flight.
  • Your refund request must be applied for within 120 days of the flight date.

Please be aware that the refund process can take up to four months.

You can access more information on specific refund claims on the government’s website ( You can also access information on airline bankruptcy on the Icelandic Transport Authority’s website (

We would also like to point out that travel insurance does not cover other costs related to airline bankruptcy such as hotel, flight or car rental costs.