Emergency service

If you have lost your card

You can freeze your card immediately by using the card app. You can then simply re-open the card if you find it again.

There are many ways to contact us to report a lost card:

• Call one of our advisors by telephone: 440 4000

Send us a message. Select "card" as the reason

• Talk to one of our online advisors

• Visit your nearest branch

If you are injured abroad

The insurance company VÍS is responsible for all Íslandsbanki credit card travel insurance. Please go to the VÍS website for more information. (in Icelandic)

Our credit card holders, with card insurance, also have access to SOS International, an international company that specializes in providing emergency support to tourists. Their highly trained team provides specialist services to those who become seriously ill or injured abroad. They provide a 24/7 emergency service all year long.

The company is based in Denmark but the service representatives speak a variety of different languages, including Icelandic. SOS will contact the medical institution to confirm the validity of the card insurance and those who are covered by it. They also provide information on insurance coverage.

Our emergency service will provide the cardholder with the following services without extra cost:

  • Provide sound advice by phone or e-mail in case of illness or accident.
  • Contact the hospital and provide a payment guarantee if necessary.
  • Provide assistance with and pay for ambulance services if you are injured or seriously ill abroad. Assist in providing any necessary transport for relatives.
  • Provide temporary cash loans to pay medical and legal costs.


(+354) 440 4000

Valitor Emergency Services

(+354) 525 2000

SOS International, Kaupmannahöfn

(+45) 7010 5050
Email: sos@sos.dk

Strategic Insurance Service Ltd.

(+44) (0)20 3551 6633
Email: info@strategicins.co.uk 
Website: www.strategicins.co.uk

Contact us

You can always send us a message here if a card needs to be closed or if you have any questions. Select a card as a reason in the form below.

Travel Insurance

Credit card insurance varies by type, so it is important to find out what type travel insurance accompanies your card.