SOS international

24/7 service for cardholders abroad

SOS International, Copenhagen

+45 3848 8080


SOS International

Cardholders with a credit card with travel insurance have access to the services of SOS International, an international company that specializes in emergency assistance to travelers and has a highly trained staff that provides targeted assistance in cases of serious illness and accident. The company provides emergency services 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The service is accessed through Denmark and the service representatives speak many languages. SOS confirms with the medical institution that insurance is valid for the cardholder and those covered by the card's insurance. They also provide information on the scope of insurance and insurance amount. You can report on the SOS website.

VÍS provides credit card travel insurance, and you can read about the correct response to travel damage on VÍS website.

Service to cardholders at no extra cost

  • If accident or illness assistance is needed, contact SOS as soon as possible
  • Gives good advice over the phone or via e-mail in cases of illness and accidents.
  • Contact the hospital and submit a guarantee for costs if necessary.
  • Assists with and pays for medical transport if the insured is injured or becomes seriously ill abroad. Furthermore, assistance is provided with the relocation of family members in such cases.
  • Provides temporary cash loans to pay medical and legal expenses.

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