Electronic ID by phone

Electronic ID by phone is a safe and easy way to register with our online bank or app. You can also sign a number of documents using this ID.

Your electronic ID is saved on your SIM card. All you need is a mobile phone and a PIN number.

You can browse the Auðkenni.is website to see if your SIM card is compatible with the service.

Check if your SIM card is compatible

Main benefits of electronic ID

The electronic ID system can be used in most mobile phones. Find out if your phone is compatible with the service.

  • Safe and easy way to register with our online bank
  • No need to memorise many user names
  • One PIN number for a number of services

Electronic ID sent as an SMS

You can register with the online bank by receiving an electronic ID via SMS.

You then fill in your username and password and an electronic ID is sent to the online bank. You must register your mobile phone number with the bank to take advantage of the service.

  • Register GSM number

This service is also available when travelling abroad, for both Icelandic and international mobile phone numbers.

Icelandic mobile phone number: Just register the number itself

International mobile phone number: Register the phone number with the international code (0044+ tel no).

You can confirm your mobile phone number by registering a four-digit security number with the online bank.