Instructions: Split your costs

Spreading the cost of your card payments is just one click away if you use the Íslandsbanki app.

  1. Click on your card in the Íslandsbanki app to see the cards account overview.
  2. Click on 'spread the cost' and 'new cost spread' and enter the amount you want to pay. The payment must be at least 10% of the amount owed. Choose how many months you want to spread the cost to pay the balance.
  3. If your invoice is ISK 100,000, and you want to spread the cost over 4 months, then you will receive notice of an unpaid invoice of ISK 25,000 each month.

Please note that the minimum amount you can split is ISK 20,000.

Split card payments in Íslandsbanki app (in Icelandic)