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Corporate Card information

Everything you need to know about making the most of your Corporate Card.

Change your PIN

You can change the PIN number on debit cards at all our ATMs.

Your new PIN number cannot contain any of the digits used in your card number, validity date, identification number and you cannot use numbers that someone could easily guess, such as 1234, 1111 etc.

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Card payments

How to make card payments using the online bank or app.

See payment instructions

Activate your card

Activating your card using the online bank or app is easy. Just follow these simple instructions.

See activate your card instructions

Contactless payments

You can connect your card to your phone or smartwatch to make easy touch-free payments.

More info on contactless payments

Freeze your card

If you have lost your card, you can freeze it immediately by using the card app. You can then simply re-open the card if you find it again.

Get your pin

Anyone can forget their pin number, but fortunately it can be easily accessed in the app or the online bank.

Instructions for getting pin


Have you looked into the insurance on your Credit Card?
Our credit cards include a variety of insurance that might come in handy during travels: Travel Insurance, Car Rental Insurance and International Emergency Services.

Corporate Card Transaction website

The service website gives you an overview of settlements, business statements and individual card transactions. You can monitor accumulation for the next settlement daily and analyse turnover by card type (credit and debit cards) The website is a simple, time-saving monitoring and reconciliation tool. All settlement information can be transferred to .pdf or excel and integrated with your own accounting or trading systems.

Credit card billing cycle

You can choose from five card periods. However, the billing cycle for all cards (except the Purchasing Crad) is from the 27th-26th unless otherwise agreed. Click here to see other available card periods.

Emergency services and security measures

Emergency services

We are here to assist you 24/7 if your card has been lost, stolen or if you notice any unauthorised activity. We are also here to help, if you are injured or become seriously ill abroad.

More info on emergency services

Secure credit card trans­ac­tions

You should always take the necessary steps to ensure the security of any transactions you make.

More info on secure credit card trans­ac­tions


If you notice an unauthorised payment or do not receive merchandise/service that you have paid for by card, then you may be entitled to a chargeback.

Note that the chargeback process can take up to three to four months.