What type of protection does your credit card offer?

Our credit cards are covered by a variety of insurance benefits that can be useful when travelling. Your credit card can cover travel insurance, car rental insurance and international emergency services.


VÍS is Íslandsbanki´s official credit card insurer. VÍS is responsible for assessing any damages and reimbursing them in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of each card.

Travel insurance

The insurance cover on our credit card varies. You should check the overview of credit card insurance types on the VÍS website. Card holders should report directly to VÍS in the case of a insurance claim.

    See the terms on the VÍS website

    Travel insurance confirmation

    You can receive insurance confirmation before and during your trip.

      Travel insurance confirmation on the VÍS website

      Car rental insurance

      Have a look at the VÍS website to see which credit cards offer car rental insurance abroad.

      Just make sure you're aware of what you are covered for, what the terms and conditions are and what you should do if and when a situation arises.

        More on car rental insurance on VÍS's website

        International Emergency Service

        In the case of a serious accident or illness abroad, you should contact SOS International services via telephone +45 3848 8080. Their team can offer general assistance, arrange for medical care, hospitalisation, transport you home and anything else you might need under these circumstances. They are a 24/7 service.

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