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  • Indexed, non-Indexed or hybrid
  • Fixed or variable interest rate
  • Equal payments or equal instalments

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Most of us are so busy with our daily lives that we forget to think about what we really want or need. Take a moment to look at our options to see how we can help you create the future you want.

One of our options is an extra pension which can be used towards your current mortgage or buying a new home. The option is only available to those who have a private pension. More information is provided here.

Payment problems

Everyone can experience temporary financial difficulties during their lifetime. The most important thing is to take action immediately. 

If you are unable to make payments due to temporary difficulties, e.g., unemployment, illness, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances, then you may be eligible to defer your payments for a while.

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    Mort­gage pro­tec­tion cover

    We offer a mortgage insurance plan to our mortgage customers so that they can look after their loved ones after they are gone.

      More on Mortgage protection cover

      Are you taking maternity/paternity leave?

      If baby is on the way and you are about to start your maternity/paternity leave, then you can delay your mortgage payments by anything up to twelve months.

      You can apply for a delay to your payments by sending us the payment schedule from the maternity/paternity fund (Fæðingarorlofssjóður). We will review your payment schedule and subsequently ask you to sign- off on any changes to the Terms and Conditions of your mortgage. The costs associated with these changes can be found in Íslandsbanki's price list.

      Can I apply for a mort­gage?

      • Individuals intending to buy or refinance a home for own use can apply for a mortgage with us.
      • Íslandsbanki will have first lien position or equal lien on the property.
      • Each application is evaluated with regards to the credit rating of the applicant and the value of the property. Special terms apply to loans that exceeds 75 m.kr.
      • Each applicant must successfully complete a credit evaluation, before a loan application can be accepted. In general, it is ensured that the debt service does not exceed 30% of paid income.
      • Mortgages are issued against a complete property, which means that the building must have reached construction stage 7.

      Green mortgages

      We are expanding our green financial products to include green mortgages, designed to provide finance for those interested in purchasing eco-friendly property that has environmental certification.

      There is no lending fee and we provide an 0.10% interest discount on eco-certified properties.

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      What type of property can you afford and which loan is best suited for you?

      Quick credit score evaluation

      A quick credit score evaluation is an online calculator designed to assess your payment ability.

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        Mort­gage cal­cu­lator

        You can calculate the payment burden, instalments or costs of different types of mortgages.

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          Mortgages can be confusing. Have a look at some frequently asked questions.

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