Green mortgages 

Íslandsbanki is proactively working towards a more sustainable future. We are expanding our green financial products to include green mortgages, designed to provide finance for those interested in purchasing eco-friendly property that has received approved environmental certification.

Lending fee
0 kr
Interest rate discount

There is no lending fee and we provide an 0.10% interest discount on eco-certified properties.

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What is eco-friendly and environmentally certified housing?

Circular design creates a constant loop of sustainable measures in the construction process, eliminating waste and promoting the reuse of materials. The process is designed to protect ecosystems and to minimise any negative effects on the environment by reusing materials, reducing the use of harmful substances, utilising renewable energy, and maintaining sustainable water and sewage systems. Air quality and noise pollution are also considered, alongside various other factors.

Where can I find eco-friendly property in Iceland?

Environmentally certified housing is still relatively uncommon but the growing demand for this type of property and the government’s eagerness to achieve sustainability targets should ensure the rapid development of this type of construction.

Green mortgages fall under the guidelines for Iceland's Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, published in 2019. Íslandsbanki is proactively working towards a more sustainable future by expanding its green financial products.

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What are the main differences between a green mortgage and a traditional mortgage ?

There is no lending fee and we offer a 0.10% interest rate discount which could save you 1- 2% on the property purchase price. The property must be certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Breeam - Very Good or other recognised bodies.

A force for good

We want to be a force for good. Our green products are designed to help you to create a more sustainable future. We always want to be where you are, wherever you are in your life.