Why choose Premium Icelandair?

  • Extensive travel insurance

  • 12 points for every ISK 1,000 spent

  • ISK 30,000 points awarded at certain point of turnover

  • 20 points for every ISK 1,000 spent with Icelandair

  • Fast track check-in

  • Access to Icelandair's private lounge at Leifsstöð International Airport when flying with Icelandair's commercial or charter service

  • Free membership of Icelandair Golfers

  • Reimbursement of parking fees at Leifsstöð International Airport

  • Priority Pass for private airport lounges abroad

  • Special offers from Fríða

  • ATM withdrawal limit in Iceland is ISK 100,000. per day / total of card authorization during a card period

  • ATM withdrawal limit abroad is ISK 100,000. per day / total of card authorization during a card period

Before you apply

  • Applicants must be 18 years or over
  • A credit assessment is carried out when you apply
  • A credit assessment gives access to the defaulters list, Creditinfo and other databases
Travel insurance
Connection fee with Icelandair
ISK 2,500
Annual fee
ISK 41,500
Secondary card
ISK 20,750

Extensive travel insur­ance

Our Premium Icelandair Credit Card offers extensive travel insurance that you can trust when you are abroad. The insurance company VÍS is responsible for Íslandsbánki's credit card insurance. Visit the VÍS website for more information.

Go to VÍS website (in Icelandic)


When you pay for the things you need, we pay you some of it back. You can use the Fríða app to choose a special offer and then pay with your debit card. The rebate will be paid back into your account on the 18th of every month.