Mastercard® Travel & Life­style Services

MTLS is a complimentary service offered to Premium and Business Icelandair cardholders.

Get the most out of your travel, dining, and entertainment experiences with perks and privileges provided by a concierge service to assist you.

Registration instructions

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Select the Register button and provide the first 12 digits of your Premium or Business card number. Please remember that no validity period or CVC number is requested when registering.
  3. Provide personal information such as name, phone number, address, e-mail, etc.
  4. An email is sent to confirm your new registration to your provided email address.
  5. Completes the process by confirming the registration via email and choosing a password.

About Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services

  • The service is available to Premium and Business cardholders, free of charge.

  • Various contact options are available, including online chat, e-mail or phone calls.

  • The consultant helps with planning the trip, making suggestions for restaurants, activities, and entertainment or finding something unique to do on the trip.

  • The service is in collaboration with a third party and all communication is conducted in English.

  • You can see offers and book various things through the special website MTLS, which requires a login.


You must accept the relevant terms & conditions. See more at

Mastercard®Travel & Lifestyle Services consultancy is provided by the company Ten Lifestyle Management Ltd. Mastercard doesn't directly handle bookings or give advice for this service.