Emergency services

Íslandsbanki offers an emergency service outside of its normal opening hours for customers with credit cards and/or debit cards. SOS International must be contacted directly if the credit card holder is injured or ill while traveling abroad.

Emergency service

Íslandsbanki's emergency service provides assistance in debit and credit card emergencies outside of business hours. The telephone number for emergency services is 440-4000.

SOS accident and illness assistance

We are here to help if you are injured or become seriously ill abroad. SOS International can confirm the health insurance terms of your card with any medical institution involved in your care.

What can I do?

The app allows you to do various things to respond to your emergency as quickly as possible. You can freeze a lost card, change your credit limit, find your PIN number, etc.

Unauthorised payments & unreceived goods

If you notice an unauthorised payment or do not receive merchandise/service you paid for by card, we advise you to start by contacting the vendor or service provider. If they fail to respond, you can fill out a chargeback form using your electronic ID.