Platinum Credit Card

Suitable for globetrotters who want a higher credit limit, extensive insurance and excellent special offers

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Why choose a Platinum Credit Card?

  • Special offers from Fríða

  • Emergency 24 hour service

  • Priority Pass, access to airport lounge

  • International credit card

  • ATM withdrawal limit is ISK 150,000. per day / total of card authorization during a card period

Before you apply

  • Applicants must be 18 years or over
  • A credit assessment is carried out when you apply
Travel Insurance
Special offers
Annual fee
ISK 19,600
Annual fee for extra card
ISK 9,800

Discount of annual fee

Discount terms are based on turnover on the card* for the last 12 months before payment of annual fee.

25% discount

50% discount

2,500,000 ISK

4,000,000 ISK

*common turnover on primary and secondary cards

Platinum travel insurance

The Platinum credit Card has Platinum travel insurance cover. The insurance company VÍS is responsible for all Íslandsbanki credit card travel insurance. Please go to the VÍS website for more information.

Go to VÍS website