Corporate Debit Cards

Applying for a debit card online is both simple and secure.

You can pay with your card or link it to your smart device to make payments anywhere, anytime.

More information about our debit cards

  • The card is issued using the cardholder's ID number and is linked to the company's account

  • You can use your card to make contactless payments

  • The card can be used to purchase goods and services both in-store and online

  • You can activate your debit card using the Íslandsbanki app, where you can manage your money wherever and whenever it suits you

  • The applicant must be registered as a related party according to the RSK Companies Register in order to be able to apply on behalf of the company.

  • The company's managing director or proxy holder must sign an application for bank accounts

Activate your card

You can activate your card using the Íslandsbanki app. You automatically accept the Terms and Conditions of the card when you use your PIN for the first time.

Annual fee
ISK 990
Contactless payment limit on smart devices
No limit
Contactless payment limit
ISK 7,500
Total contactless payments by card
ISK 15,000

Íslandsbanki app

All your cards in one place.

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Withdrawal limits

Domestic ATM withdrawal limit per 24 hrs: ISK 300,000

International ATM withdrawal limit per 24 hrs: ISK 300,000

Íslandsbanki ATM locations