Íslandsbanki strives to be a responsible and positive force in society

Íslandsbanki as part of society

Íslandsbanki is a proud supporter of various initiatives which contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the Bank has selected four SDGs to focus on: Quality education, Gender equality, Industry, innovation and infrastructure and Climate action.

Sustainability Policy

Íslandsbanki’s Sustainability Policy aims at making the Bank a model of exemplary operations in the Icelandic business community and a catalyst for positive social action.

UN Sustainable Developement Goals

The focus on corporate social responsibility from investors and customers continues to grow and the Bank is committed to the cause by supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


One of the Bank's objectives is to enhance the public's knowledge of finances by offering accessible and interesting information on finances and economic affairs. Among the offerings are talks on finances at retirement, a seminar in finances for refugees, informational meetings on investments and savings in Icelandic and English.


Íslandsbanki's ambition is to have a positive effect on society and the Bank supports good causes connected to the four SDGs, which the Bank has chosen to give particular support to: Quality Education; Gender Equality; Industry, innovation, and Infrastructure; and Climate Action.


Highlights of 2018

Responsible lending, support to the UN SDGs and diverse educational activities for the public was among Íslandsbanki's CSR highlights for 2018.