Sustainable corporate finance

We want to be a force for good. We offer sustainable loans to companies and projects that have a positive social impact because we are invested in the future. We are invested in the future of the environment.

Why should you shift to sustainability?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to customers, investors, employees and regulators. In fact, sustainable operations will become essential to competitiveness in the future. Iceland can only achieve its climate change goals if we act together.

Examples of sustainable projects:

  • Energy transition on land

  • Energy transition at sea

  • Eco-friendly products, technologies and processes related to the circular economy

  • Eco-friendly- certified buildings

  • Improved energy efficiency in building renovations

  • Construction of schools, kindergartens or social housing

  • Small-scale hydropower stations (<100MW)

  • Geothermal power stations

  • Wind and solar power

  • Sewage and treatment plants

  • Loans that promote job creation for women and minorities

Green car loans Ergo

We offer green finance for charging stations, electric cars, electric bicycles and any other electric vehicles.

Our sustainability approach

Sustainable funding framework

Íslandsbanki has developed and published a special funding framework for sustainable loans and investments in its portfolio.

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    Sustainability Policy

    We want to set the standard for sustainable operations in Iceland.

      See more info on our Sustainability Policy