Purchasing Card

The Purchasing card is specifically designed for businesses and organisations who want a comprehensive overview of their accounts.

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Benefits of a Purchasing Card

  • Increased optimisation

  • Longer credit period

  • Easier expenditure management

  • Real time overview of expenditure

  • Access to the corporate transaction page

  • Savings on collection admin

  • Transactions electronically registered in accounts

Practical information on the Purchasing Card

The annual fee is ISK 2000

Longer credit period

The credit card billing cycle is from the 1st of the month to the 31st of the month. The time allowed for payment is until the 25th day of the next month.

Comprehensive overview of expenditure

The card is connected to the corporate transaction page which gives a comprehensive overview of expenditure and all information can be transferred electronically into the user's accounting system.

Transactions electronically registered in accounts

Information is directly transferred to the accounting system, including electronic information from any vendors.

Credit limit

You can adjust the credit limit on all purchasing cards.