Standard Credit Card

A cheap and simple credit card that does everything a credit card should do.

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Why choose the Standard Credit Card?

  • Ideal first credit card

  • Cheap and easy

  • Free annual fee for the first year for 23 years and younger

  • Traditional or prepaid

  • Special offers from Fríða

  • ATM withdrawal limit is ISK 50,000. per day / total of card authorization during a card period

Additional card

By having an additional card, you pay half the annual fee of a new main card, but receive the same benefits of a main card. Both the primary and secondary cardholders turnover can be used to achieve the turnover criteria for the annual fee discount (and the turnover criteria of additional points on the Icelandair Premium card). Only one invoice is issued for the main cardholder, which makes life a little simpler.

Apply for an extra card (in Icelandic)

Prepaid secondary card

Secondary card

Before you apply

Children between the ages of 13 and 17 can apply for a supplementary card on the prepaid credit card of a guardian

  • Applicants must be 18 years or over
  • A credit assessment is carried out when you apply
  • A credit assessment gives access to the defaulters list, Creditinfo and other databases
Annual fee without insurance
ISK 1,900
Annual fee for extra card
ISK 950
Prepaid available
Special offers

Dis­count of an­nual fee

Discount terms are based on turnover on the card* for the last 12 months before payment of annual fee.

25% discount

50% discount

100% discount

500,000 kr.

1,000,000 kr.

1,500,000 kr.

*com­mon turnover on primary and secondary cards