First job

There are so many things to think about when you start your first job. You should start by checking your working rights, and which union and collective wage agreements apply to you. The next step is to think about how you want to use your wages.

CV and job interview

Writing an effective CV and preparing for an interview can be nerve wrecking. Here are some tips to consider.

Bank accounts and savings

You can create a current account to deposit your salary into and then decide if part of that salary should go towards a savings account, personal pension savings or fund.

Start sav­ing

Healthy finances go hand-in-hand with a healthier lifestyle. Worry less and take control of your finances by setting some money aside each month.

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    Private Pen­sion Plans

    Are you miss­ing out on a 2% salary raise? If you contribute 2 - 4% of your monthly income to your private pension plan and your employer will add a 2% contribution .

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      A fund is a simple and effective way to build your savings

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        Good advice

          Your rights

          Know your rights

          Know your rights. All employees should have an employment contract and be a member of a union. Find out which union you belong to, check your working rights, and which collective wage agreements apply to you. Remember that employees and contractors have different rights, so make sure you understand the conditions of your employment.

          Private Pension

          Apply for a private pension

          A Private Pension Plan means ensuring access to the wage you deserve. You can even use your Private Pension Plan to help you buy your first property later on.

          Anyone 16 years of age or older, in full-time employment, part-time employment or in summertime employment (alongside their studies) can apply for a Private Pension Plan

          Anyone 18 years or older can submit an application online and those employed by more than one employer can add/change employees online.

          Those who are 16-18 years old need to contact the bank because we need to get the signature of guardian/s before you can apply for a Private Pension Plan. 


          Set some goals

          Set some savings goals. They can be for whatever you like!



          Your income should be sufficient to cover time off and some unexpected costs. A small reserve fund of 100,000 kr. can reduce the chances of you having to borrow and help you through harder times.

          Regular savings

          The secret to saving is simplicity. Choose a fixed sum of money, with or without an investment option and we will automatically transfer it to your savings account each month. We do the work for you.

          Salary slip

          Have a look at your payslip

          Mistakes can be made. You should always review your payslip carefully. If anything is unclear, then talk to your employer or contact your union.

          Holiday allowance

          Holiday allowance

          You should familiarise yourself with the holiday allowance framework at your workplace because payment methods differ. Your employer is responsible for creating a holiday allowance account and the money can be withdrawn in advance (in this case, the employer makes a note of the withdrawal and fills out a form to enable you to make the withdrawal).

          You can access more information on the Áttavitans website.

          Holiday allowance account

          Your holiday allowance is paid by your employer in addition to your total salary each month. The amount is paid separately into your account on the 11th of May each year or the next working day thereafter.

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