Seafood Industry

Íslandsbanki offers comprehensive financial services to individuals, households, corporations and professional investors. Building on a heritage of servicing the country's core industry, seafood, Íslandsbanki has developed a specific expertice within that sector.

Íslandsbanki and its predecessors have worked closely with the seafood industry for over a century, financing the first Icelandic motorised trawler in 1904. The Bank started its international operations in 1999 by providing debt financing solutions to the fishery sector on the East Coast of Canada.

Over the years, many of the largest and most prominent seafood companies in Iceland and globally have been valued customers of Íslandsbanki.

Íslandsbanki's value proposition

  • Experienced team focusing on the seafood sector
  • Extensive understanding of seafood at all levels of the Bank
  • Advisory in the global seafood sector, across the entire value chain
  • Extensive geographical and industry research
  • Industry player mapping and network
  • Strategic global partners with local knowledge in main markets

Seafood Industry Team

Runólfur Geir Benediktsson

Executive Director

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+354 844 4772

runolfur.benediktsson @

Timothy Spanos

Executive Director, International lending

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+354 844 4540

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Ragnar Gudjónsson

Business Manager

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+354 844 4550

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Ólafur Hrafn Ólafsson

Business Manager

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