The Central Bank (CBI) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has decided to keep the policy rate unchanged, in line with our forecast and others.
18.03.2015 - Greining - Morgunkorn - Enska - Forecasts - Other macro
The booming interest in Iceland as a travel destination has not escaped foreign airlines, which have strongly expanded their Iceland flight offerings in recent years. According to...
17.03.2015 - Morgunkorn - Enska - Other macro
Individuals’ payment card turnover grew 4.3% year-on-year in real terms in February, according to the Central Bank’s (CBI) newly published card turnover figures.
16.03.2015 - Morgunkorn - Enska - Other macro
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The Annual General Meeting of Íslandsbanki was held today, 25 March. Friðrik Sophusson, Chairman of the Board presented the Board's report and Birna Einarsdóttir, CEO presented the...
25.03.2015 17:13 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki has published a Base Prospectus for its covered bond programme listed on NASDAQ Iceland.
23.03.2015 16:24 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki hf. has tapped into outstanding issues of covered bonds listed on Nasdaq Iceland. The non-indexed issue ISLA CB 19 was tapped for an amount of ISK 460,000,000 at a...
13.03.2015 16:07 - IR Releases
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