We forecast that the Central Bank (CBI) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will decide to keep the bank’s policy rate unchanged on 11 May, its next decision date.
04.05.2016 - Forecasts - Morgunkorn - Enska - Greining
The April rise in the consumer price index (CPI) was smaller than expected, and headline inflation is still well below the Central Bank’s (CBI) 2.5% inflation target.
28.04.2016 - Other macro - Morgunkorn - Enska
We project that the consumer price index (CPI) will rise by 0.4% month-on-month in April, raising headline inflation from 1.5% to 1.8%.
15.04.2016 - Forecasts - Morgunkorn - Enska - Greining
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Íslandsbanki has published a Base Prospectus for its covered bond programme listed on NASDAQ Iceland.
06.05.2016 17:34 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki will publish its 1Q2016 Consolidated Interim Financial Statements on Wednesday 11 May 2016.
04.05.2016 14:38 - IR Releases
International credit rating agency Fitch Ratings has affirmed an unchanged credit rating for Íslandsbanki.
21.04.2016 17:33 - IR Releases
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