Retirement Account, non-CPI-linked

The plan is suitable for individuals coming towards the end of their career, who want stable asset growth on their private pension.

You can apply for a private pension plan with your electronic ID (In Icelandic)

Main benefits

  • Stable asset growth

  • Best terms at any given time

  • Tax efficient

  • 100% Financial institution deposits

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The objective of the fund is to secure stable asset growth and low risk. The returns are generally lower than those in Prime A, B, C and D but the risk is also lower.

What does the fund invest in?

The fund invests in non-indexed Íslandsbanki pension funds. Interest on pension plans is in accordance with Íslandsbanki's interest rate at any given time. Guarantees on deposits are in accordance with Act No 98/1999 on Deposit Guarantees and Investor- Compensation Scheme.

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Documents and data

Returns and holdings
Investment policy

Rules of Framtíðarauður
Tariff of Charges for Investment Services


General disclaimer regarding Private Pension Plans

Investments in financial instruments always entail financial risks, such as the risk of little or no return or total loss of capital. Past performance is neither an indication nor a guarantee of future returns. Risk increases if the investment is financed by credit and returns can increase or decrease due to exchange rate volatility if assets are in foreign currency. Taxation of Private Pension is assessed on an individual basis in accordance with current legislation and is subject to change.

Framtíðarauður is a Private Pension Fund in accordance with Act No. 129/1997 on Mandatory Pension Insurance and on the Activities of Pension Funds. Íslandsbanki is the custodian of Framtíðarauður. Investors are advised to familiarise themselves with the rules of Framtíðarauður and the different strategies of each investment plan.

Information on this site is intended for information purposes only and should not be considered as an offer or advice on the purchase, sale or other allocation of certain financial instruments. Íslandsbanki is not responsible for investment decisions made based on information on this site. The source of this information is considered reliable, but the accuracy or validity of the information cannot be guaranteed. The bank reserves the right to make changes to this information at any given time.

Exchange rate developments and returns

The annual administration fee is included in the daily calculation of each investment plan’s exchange rate. Return for 12-month periods or longer is calculated on an annual basis. Shorter periods are not calculated on an annual basis but show price change instead. Return is based on the latest price listed and portrayed in the base currency of each investment plan.