Future Plan

Suitable for long term savings for children and young people. The account must be open before the child´s 15th birthday. The perfect gift from loved ones who want to help create a future nest egg for the child or young person in question.

Next step

You can use Íslandsbanki Online Banking to apply for a Future Plan Account
Interest rates
1.50% interest
When can you withdraw?
18th birthday
Interest payout
Type of account

Main benefits

  • Balance is available for withdrawal on eighteenth birthday

  • The interest rate is the highest on offer

  • No minimum deposit

  • No fees or royalties

  • No deposits after the age of 15 unless with regular automatic deposits

Regular Savings

Before the 15th birthday

You can start automatic transfers at any time before the child's 15th birthday. After that time, the account will be closed for deposits, other than those made with automatic transfers from an account with Íslandsbanki. The account closes automatically once a withdrawal is made.

Envision the future

Help your child see the future and make their dreams come true, no matter how big or small they are.

Íslandsbanki contributes ISK 6,000 if a child or young person decides to deposit their coming of age money in a Future Plan Account. The minimum deposit in this case would be ISK 30,000.

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