Current Account

It only takes a few minutes to open a Current Account using our app or online bank. You can also apply for a debit card and an overdraft facility.

2.50% interest
Account type
When can I withdraw money?
Whenever it suits you
Interest payment

Is a Current Account right for you?

A Current Account is a great place to manage your money. You can receive automated payments, such as your salary, and the balance is always available, so you can regularly transfer money to a savings account.

Anyone over the age of 9 can open a Current Account.

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Start Saving

Regular saving is still one of the most efficient ways to save money. The secret to saving is simplicity, so why not start today?

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    Debit Card

    Applying for a debit card online is both simple and secure.

    We register all debit cards with Íslandsbanki's benefits club, Fríða.

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      An overdraft provides you with quick access to money, and can help you cover those unexpected costs.

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