Electronic invoices

Payday simplifies invoices, accounting, wage payments, and public taxes for self-employed individuals and smaller businesses.

An excellent solution for self-employed individuals and smaller businesses

  • Creating and sending an invoice is simple

  • Connected to collection services and unpaid invoices in online banks

  • Wage payments and invoice creation made easy

  • Better overview of wage payments, paid and unpaid invoices and revenue each month

  • Easy set-up of index-linked subscription accounts

Effective cooperation

Our collaboration with Payday, offers a better overview of your business. You can gain easy access to information on unpaid bills, monthly revenue, tax payments and available funds.

Payday sees to all the practical aspects of your businesses accounts.

Connect Payday to Íslandsbanki

You need to have a valid contract with collection services and access to web services to connect Payday with Íslandsbanki.

Íslandsbanki's advisers will assist you in establishing access to these services. Send an e-mail to fyrirtaeki@islandsbanki.is

Collection services

Our collection services provide an effective and efficient solution for all businesses. The service saves time and money and gives a better overview of company accounts.

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    Corporate online banking

    Our corporate online banking system is specifically designed to meet your business needs.

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