Our corporate online banking service offers the following services:

  • You can give the company accountant access to the company accounting system

  • The online banking system can fulfil most of your daily banking needs

  • Most general transactions

  • Access and approval processes for different roles within the business

  • Annual overview for accountants

  • Collection services

  • Overview of company accounts

  • Investments in Íslandsbanki's Investment Services

  • Payslips, billing and online billing

  • International transactions

  • Expenditure overview

  • Connection to an accounting system to facilitate document transfers

  • You can apply at any of our branches

  • You can apply with a few clicks (in Icelandic)

Security and access issues

The security of usernames and passwords should always be ensured to prevent unwelcome guests from gaining access to sensitive information.

The following login options apply:

Electronic ID

Electronic ID sent to a mobile phone is an easy and secure way to register with the online bank.

User ID by SMS

User ID by SMS is a practical registration option for those who do not have an electronic ID. You can use the User ID by SMS for national and international phone numbers.

We recommend reading the information on security matters, provided by the Icelandic Financial Services Association.