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Íslandsbanki offers green mortgage loans

Interest rate discounts and cancellation of lending fees for owners of environment-friendly housing

Íslandsbanki now offers its customers a new type of mortgage loan – the green mortgage. The green mortgage loan programme enables customers to qualify for more favourable lending terms for financing of environment-friendly housing that is officially eco-certified.

The green mortgage loans, which fall under Íslandsbanki’s sustainable financial framework, reflect the Bank’s commitment to offering green products that are of benefit to customers and have a positive environmental and social impact.

No lending fees are collected on green mortgage loans. In addition, the Bank offers a discount on mortgage interest if the underlying property is certified to be environment-friendly (eco-certified). Qualifying eco-certification programmes include the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the BREEAM - Very Good certificate. The number of eco-certified buildings in Iceland has increased in recent years and is expected to rise still further, as sustainability assumes greater priority throughout society. 

Owners of eco-certified properties financed with existing loans from Íslandsbanki can contact us and apply for a discount on their mortgage rates. Further information on green mortgages loans can be found here on the Íslandsbanki website.

Íslandsbanki’s declared objective is to always provide the best banking service in the market and to be a force for good in the community. Contributing to an increase in the number of environment-friendly properties built based on the circular design principle is one of the big steps we can take towards a better future. By granting green mortgages with no lending fees and more favourable interest rates, Íslandsbanki puts its thumb on the scales, in keeping with its commitment to make a positive impact on the community and the environment. Our customers have welcomed the green financial solutions we have offered thus far, and we hope and expect that our green mortgage loans will be equally well received.

Sigríður Hrefna Hrafnkelsdóttir 
Director of Personal Banking