COVID-19 and the Icelandic economy

Íslandsbanki Research closely follows the effects the COVID-19 virus is having on the economy. Here you can find practical information and analysis which will be updated as matters evolve.

Useful information

Íslandsbanki Research analysis

The COVID-19 virus is a matter of focus at Íslandsbanki Research these days. Here you can find all our analysis in English.

Íslandsbanki Research

Government measures

An overview of the ISK 200bn measures implemented by the government to counter the economic effects of the virus.

Government measures

The Icelandic Central Bank and COVID-19

News and announcements made by the central bank can be found at the bank's website.

The Icelandic Central Bank

Íslandsbanki and COVID-19

Here you can access information on how Íslandsbanki is responding to the current situation.

Íslandsbanki and COVID-19