Changes to online banking and app login

We would like to notify you that the ability to access online bank and the app with a username, password, and SMS authentication code will be closed soon.

The reason for these changes is to strengthen user security during login in compliance with strong authentication rules. You can read more details regarding security and authentication here.

  • Customers can still use the Authentication App or electronic ID to access online banking.
  • Additionally, users can log in to the app using electronic ID, the Authentication App, or a biological ID card (fingerprint or facial recognition).

The main reasons for these changes, among other things, is the growing number of frauds based on sending SMS and emails under false pretenses. See more about internet security here.

Costumers that are unable to use electric ID or the Authentication App will still be able to log in using a username, password and SMS authentication code for certain mount of time.

Where can I get an electronic ID?

  • You can obtain an electronic ID at your nearest branch of Íslandsbanki. It's important to have a valid physical ID (not digital) with you when you visit a branch.
  • You can also activate an electronic ID at a self-service station using the Authentication App. To do this, you need to download the Authentication App, possess a valid Icelandic passport, be at least 18 years old, and have access to a smartphone that supports NFC reading.