Storebrand Funds

Storebrand Funds is the Nordic market leader in sustainable investments. We offer three equity funds from Storebrand Funds, two index-linked funds and one active fund.

Pioneering Sustainable Investment

  • Storebrand manages more than NOK 1.058 billion for 1.1 million Norwegians, which makes it Norway's second largest asset manager after the Norwegian Oil Fund.

  • Storebrand exerts influence by challenging companies to be more proactive about their sustainability practices and development

  • Storebrand‘s method of investing its funds in sustainable companies is unique.

  • Excluded companies are removed from Storebrand‘s investment universe, and investment ecosystem that consists of over 4,000 companies. More about the Storebrand Standard.

  • Storebrand increases investments in companies that contribute with solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Equity funds from Storebrand Fund

Storebrand Global Indeks

Storebrand Global ESG Plus

Storebrand Global Solutions

An index-linked equity fund that aims to achieve a similar value development as the global equity market, measured by the fund’s benchmark index, MSCI World Index.

A fossil-free global equity fund which aims to provide long-term capital growth through a model-based portfolio of developed market equities.

A fossil-free equity fund that aims to achieve a long-term excess return by investing in global equity markets, including emerging markets.

The ownership interests in the underlying shares are combined so that they reflect the characteristics of the benchmark index to the greatest possible extent.

The fund seeks to reproduce the risk and return profile of the MSCI World Index whilst excluding companies within fossil fuel related industries and with additional ESG criteria and sustainability focus.

The fund invests in sustainable companies that Storebrand believes are well positioned to solve the challenges related to the UN‘s sustainability goals.

The fund has UCITS status and is managed in line with Storebrand’s principles for sustainable investments. Companies that violate these principles are excluded.

Enhanced ESG is achieved by investing in companies with a high Storebrand sustainability rating, aligned to the UNs sustainability goals, and avoiding those with a low rating.

The fund is subject to additional criteria beyond the Storebrand standard, which means that it refrains from investing in companies that have more than 5% of their revenues from fossil fuels, weapons/war materials, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or pornography or companies with large fossil reserves.

The fund targets companies with a low carbon footprint and also invests up to 10% of assets in those related to clean energy, energy efficiency, recycling and low-carbon transport.

Key investor information

Key investor information

Key investor information

Monthly report

Monthly report

Monthly report




SDGs and Storebrand Global Solutions

Storebrand Global Solutions is a fossil free fund that seeks to invest in companies that provide solutions, primarily through the products and services, and stand to benefit from the identified trends within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Further information

  • Minimum individual investment is USD 100
  • Purchase fee for investment in Storebrand funds is 1.5%
  • Custody fee of holdings in Storebrand funds are according to Tariff of Charges for Investment Services
  • Annual management fee is according to prospectus of each fund
  • Units are bought in the name of Íslandsbanki for the benefit of customers
  • No redemption fee
  • The funds are listed in Norway
  • The funds are managed in Norway and are settled in US dollars
  • Dividends are reinvested in the funds
  • It is not possible to trade with the funds of our foreign partners in Íslandsbanki's online bank and therefore you cannot subscribe to their fund.


  • No taxes are paid on the funds in Norway
  • Holdings in Storebrand funds must be declared in Iceland
  • Capital gains tax is computed from redeemed capital gains

Commercial orders must be received by the Bank's Securities and Pension Services via the e - mail address or by calling 440-4000.

As with other securities / funds, the client must have a custody account with the bank if the intention is to trade with the funds of foreign partners. A currency account in the same currency as the fund's registration currency to be purchased must also be available.

If a custody account does not exist, it can be created in a simple way here.

If you do not have a foreign currency account, you can create one here.

It is desirable that the trading instructions with foreign funds state how high the purchase amount should be in foreign currency.


General disclaimer regarding investment in funds

Investments in financial instruments always entail financial risks, such as the risk of little or no return or total loss of capital. Past performance is neither an indication nor a guarantee of future returns. Risk increases if the investment is financed by credit and returns can increase or decrease due to exchange rate volatility if assets are in foreign currency. Taxation of funds is assessed on an individual basis in accordance with current legislation and is subject to change.

Investors are advised to familiarise themselves with the available information on funds, including key information on risk factors, investment authorisations and the use of derivatives. Non-UCITs funds have broader investment authorisations than UCITs and can therefore entail more risk. Information on the funds is obtained from Storebrand Asset Management AS, which is the funds’ management company.

Information on this site is intended for information purposes only and should not be considered as an offer or advice on the purchase, sale or other allocation of certain financial instruments. The source of this information is considered reliable, but the accuracy or validity of the information cannot be guaranteed. The bank reserves the right to make changes to this information at any given time.

Exchange rate developments and returns

A fund management fee is included in the daily calculation of each fund’s exchange rate. Return for 12-month periods or longer is calculated on an annual basis. Shorter periods are not calculated on an annual basis but show price change instead. Return is based on the latest price listed and portrayed in the base currency of each fund..