Home Saver Account

The Home Saver Account is for individuals aged between 15 and 34, who want to save for their first home and secure a higher interest rate.

Each customer can only apply for this account once.

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You can use Íslandsbanki Online Banking to apply for a First Home Saver Account

Advantages of Home Saver Account

  • 1.70% interest

  • Fixed for 17 months from the first deposit - After that time, the account can be withdrawn with 31 days notice and the payout can take place at any bank's point of service.

  • No minimum or maximum deposits

  • Neither service fees, redemption fees nor other fees

  • Ideal for those who intend to buy a property in the near future.

What suits me?

Check with the nearest branch of Íslandsbanki for advice. Together, we review the savings and credit options available. Buying housing is a big decision. Therefore, it is important to weigh and evaluate all the benefits of the situation.

Our housing consultants have extensive experience and a good understanding of the situation of young property buyers.

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