Home Saver Account

The Home Saver Account is for individuals aged between 15 and 34, who want to save for their first home and secure a higher interest rate.

Each customer can only apply for this account once.

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You can use Íslandsbanki Online Banking to apply for a First Home Saver Account

Advantages of Home Saver Account

  • 9.70% interest

  • No minimum or maximum deposit

  • No service fees, or other fees

  • No lock-in period

What suits me?

The Home Saver Account is suitable for individuals aged between 15 and 34. You can withdraw money from the account, which closes automatically once the first withdrawal is made, by contacting us. You can only open a Home Saver account once.

Buying a home is a big decision. Our mortgage consultants can help you explore all the available options to help you open the door to your first home.

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