New Build Loan

We offer finance to anyone interested in buying a newly constructed home or plot of land to build their own home.

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About the loan

  • We can lend anything up to 70% of the estimated construction costs.

  • A initial credit assessment is completed to assess the finance (loan amount) needed during the construction period and the total finance requirement (loan amount) for the fully constructed home.

  • A construction and cost estimate must be prepared by a professional and submitted to the Bank before moving forward.

  • The loan is initially in the form of an overdraft and is paid out in construction phases.

  • The loan can be converted to a conventional loan once the home has reached the wind and weather-proof stage (fokhelt) as long as construction continues.

Credit check

How much can I borrow?

Your credit score shows how much you can borrow and how capable you are of paying off your loan. You can now complete a credit check within a few minutes.

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