Private banking

We offer personalised financial and banking services to high net worth individuals and businesses.

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Let us take care of the finances

  • Customers in private banking have their own Relationship manager

  • Analysis of potential opportunities in financial markets

  • Enjoy the best terms and benefits that the bank offers at any given time

  • Personal connection and good information

How can we help you grow your wealth?

We let you lead the way. We provide two main specialist services, designed to protect and build your wealth. Our Discretionary Asset Management service means that you make the decisions and we manage your portfolio. Our Asset Management service is a more collaborative approach where we give you the expert advice you need to grow your wealth.

Discretionary Asset Management

Asset Management

You want an expert to take care of your portfolio

You have extensive knowledge of the financial markets

Your investments are made in accordance with a predetermined investment policy

You are actively involved in investment decisions

Relationship manager

Our Relationship Managers have access to a dedicated team of specialists within Íslandsbanki. They communicate directly with both Icelandic and international investment experts who continually monitor market developments and the economy. Our Private banking customers have access to their own personal Relationship Manager who can be reached at all times.

Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson

Executive Director

Send email+354 844 4462

Hildur Eiríksdóttir

Business Manager

Send email+354 8442531

Bjarni Jóhannesson

Relationship Manager

Send email+354 844 4512

Elfar Rúnarsson

Relationship Manager

Send email+354 844 4511

Margrét Arnardóttir

Relationship Manager

Send email+354 844 4952

Sigurbjörg Benediktsdóttir

Relationship Manager

Send email+354 844 4915

Pro­fes­sional Investors

Íslandsbanki's institutional investor services are tailored for pension funds, other smaller funds, institutions and companies. Our specialists tailor the service to each customer's needs. More on Professional Investors

Selma Filipp­us­dóttir

Business Manager

Send email+354 844 4902

Haraldur Gunnarsson

Business Manager

Send email+354 844 4962

Kolbrún Kolbeinsdóttir

Business Manager

Send email+354 844 4857

Investor Protection

Investors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with information and rules of Íslandsbanki related to trading in financial instruments

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