Corporate Finance

We offer comprehensive business services when it comes to your company's finances. Our specialists in the Business Centre and branches all over the country assist with the day-to-day running of companies. For larger companies, we offer a team of experts who have expertise in their field

We are a leader in the field of Corporate Finance

  • Assistance in buying and selling companies

  • Assistance with share capital increases

  • Acquisition and merger assistance and other ownership-related changes

  • Advice in connection with auctions and the admission of securities to trading

Íslandsbanki's Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance division has many years of experience in managing acquisitions, sales, acquisitions and mergers. We also offer companies, municipalities and institutions comprehensive advice and services in the conduct of public offerings of securities and their admission to trading on a regulated securities market.

Atli Rafn Björns­son

Executive Director

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Ellert Hlöðvers­son


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Eyjólfur Berg Axels­son


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Guðmundur Helgi Finnboga­son


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Íris Kára­dóttir


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Rafn Árnason


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Elvar Þór Karls­son

Corporate Finance

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Hildur Karen Haralds­dóttir


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Harpa Hjartardóttir

Corporate Finance

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Andrea Björnsdóttir

Corporate Finance

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Investor Protection

Investors are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with Íslandsbanki's Terms and Conditions related to trading in financial instruments.