A force for good

We want to contribute to bringing meaningful changes to society and the economy.

Our objectives

We have a long history of contributing to society and the economy. The Bank dates back to 1904, when we began financing the fisheries industry and paving the way for Icelandic businesses and a growing economy. In fact, we have striven to be a force for good since the beginning.

Our objectives are simple. We want to give our customers the banking tools they need to push through to the future. We want to merge with our customers' ideas, to be there when concepts are built, and help bring them to life.

We want to be the obvious choice for Icelandic businesses because society's objectives are our objectives. We understand that the concept of sustainability is far-reaching and implementing it into all our practices has a positive impact on both us and our customers.

We are unafraid of debate and of addressing the issues that matter, even if it reveals our imperfections.

Green finance

Finance and investments designed to have a positive impact on our environment and society.

Green finance

Be a force for good and make sure your savings have a positive impact on the environment.

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    Ergo green finance

    We offer green finance for electric vehicles, electric bikes or other electric modes of transport.

      Read more about green finance on Ergo's website.

      The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

      We participate in both large-scale and small-scale projects based on the UN's SDGs: Goal 13 on Climate Action, Goal 5 on Gender Equality, Goal 4 on Quality Education and Goal 9 on Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

      Sustainability Policy

      Íslandsbanki intends to become a leader in sustainable development and a force for good within society. Read more about our Sustainability Policy.

      What is the bank doing?

      Our Sustainability Policy aims to ensure that we become a role model for the Icelandic economy.

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        The Reykjavík Marathon

        Íslandsbanki has been a proud supporter of the Reykjavík Marathon since 1997.

          More about the Reykjavík Marathon

          The Queer Game

          The queer game is an educational forum intended to raise awareness on the LGBT community in Iceland and is also designed to promote role models and reduce stereotypes. The forum's founders, Ingileif Friðriksdóttir and María Rut Kristinsdóttir, will offer educational meetings in Iceland's secondary schools, in the coming weeks and months, all of which will be sponsored by Íslandsbanki. We believe that this is one of the ways we can really contribute to ensuring equality within our society.

          Go to the movies with the United Nations

          Íslandsbanki and UNRIC, the United Nations Regional Information Centre in Brussels and the United Nations Association will jointly exhibit two films and encourage any subsequent discussions. Both films deal with issues that relate to the UN's SDGs.