Íslandsbanki launches new website

Íslandsbanki launched a stunning new website today. The site has been redesigned and reprogrammed from the ground up, in collaboration with Kolibri and Brandenburg. The look of our brand has been updated in recent months, and the website reflects this new interface.

The work on the website included a thorough review of the behaviour, expectations, and needs of our current and future customers. This was done with detailed user studies and needs analyses. The project was carried out in close cooperation with employees from all divisions of the Bank, and customers were involved in testing. Primary emphasis was placed on simplicity, so as to lighten the material and make finance more accessible to users. The entire website will soon be available in English. Furthermore, strong emphasis was placed on making the website accessible to all, and particular consideration was given to users with special needs, including blind and visually impaired people.

The site will continue to evolve in the coming term, and we will continue to develop and improve it. Customers are encouraged to contact us if they have comments or suggestions that could be useful during this process: vefstjori@islandsbanki.is. The old website will still be available at this address: https://gamli.islandsbanki.is/