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Íslandsbanki awarded the Equality Scale

The Equality Scale is a dynamic project of the Icelandic Association of Business Women (FKA)

Íslandsbanki is one of 38 companies awarded FKA’s Equality Scale for 2021. Seven municipalities and eight public entities were awarded the Equality Scale as well.

The awards were formally granted at a conference entitled Equal Rights is a Decision, which was streamed live on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service website, At the conference, Eliza Reid presented the award to its recipients, all of whom have achieved gender parity at the top level of management. The aim of the Equality Scale – to maintain a 40/60 gender ratio at the senior management level – was one of the criteria for the assessment of candidates. A large share of the participants that signed the Equality Scale memorandum of understanding in autumn 2020 have made excellent progress in this area, and the number of companies receiving the award increased by eight between 2020 and 2021.