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Íslandsbanki and Reginn sign green loan agreement

Íslandsbanki and Reginn have signed a loan agreement that is compatible with both companies’ green financial frameworks.

Íslandsbanki was the first Icelandic bank to define and publish a comprehensive framework for sustainable loans in its asset portfolio, and Reginn was the first Icelandic real estate firm to publish a green financing framework. The loan agreement is therefore part of the policy that both companies have adopted and represents a positive milestone in and of itself.

Íslandsbanki CEO Birna Einarsdóttir and Reginn CEO Helgi S. Gunnarsson signed the agreement electronically.

Environmental affairs are an important element in Reginn’s sustainability strategy. It is satisfying to see the various benefits of the company’s green strategy, which combines reduced environmental impact from operations, lower operating expense, and more diverse financing, including green bank loans. Today, 18% of Reginn’s financing is green. The company aims to increase that ratio to 50% in the next four years.

Helgi S. Gunnarsson,
CEO, Reginn

Íslandsbanki places strong emphasis on integrating social and environmental factors into its core operations. The Bank published its sustainable financial framework in October, thereby taking an important step towards ensuring a professional framework for its sustainable lending activity. Our customers have demonstrated keen interest in the framework and have responded positively to it, which shows that there is indeed demand for green and sustainable lending. The time has come to take action and t work together with our customers to be a force for good in the Icelandic economy.

Birna Einarsdóttir,
CEO, Íslandabanki