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Change in the proposal for the allocation of profits and payment of dividends for the Bank´s upcoming AGM.

Despite the Bank’s long-term dividend payout ratio target of 40-50%, it is proposed that a dividend to shareholders for the 2019 financial year shall not be paid in light of uncertainties due to unprecedented circumstances in the financial markets.

Moreover, it is proposed that the Board may convene a special shareholder meeting later in the year where a proposal regarding payment of dividends of profit for previous fiscal years could be suggested if conditions allow. This is a change to the Board’s proposals to the Annual General Meeting published on the Bank’s website on March 12th 2020.

The capital position of the Bank remains strong and is above internal and regulatory requirements.  With this decision the Bank will be even better equipped to meet any challenges occasioned by economic developments.

The Annual General Meeting of Íslandsbanki hf. will be held on March 19th 2020 at the Bank's headquarters, Hagasmári 3, 201 Kópavogur at 15:00. 


1.    Meeting convened

2.    Board report on the Bank’s activities in 2019

3.    Confirmation of annual accounts for 2019

4.    Proposal for the allocation of profits and payment of dividends 2019

5.    Proposal for the election of members to the Board of Directors

6.    Proposal for the appointment of external auditors

7.    Proposal for the Board of Directors’ remuneration for the coming term

8.    Proposal for the Compensation Policy

9.    Other matters

Candidates for Board membership at the 2020 Annual General Meeting

Proposals to the Annual General Meeting 2020

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Margrét Lilja Hrafnkelsdóttir

Head of Investor Relations

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